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Are you having a tough time finding an easy to use, affordable, city database solution? Download a comprehensive US cities database that you can use for your next development project.

The city database includes the preferred city name as designated by the USPS, the state, and the state abbreviation.

Available for both personal and professional use, our US cities database is sure to meet your needs. Programmers and developers can easily integrate our raw list of American cities into most any project.

Includes more than 41,000 cities and communities in the US.

cities database
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Product Comparison

Database Field Name City Database
Sample Data (195KB)
County Database
Sample Data (25KB)
City/County Database
Sample Data (205KB)
Preferred City Name -
State Name
State Abbreviation
Zip Code -
County Name -
County Population -

CSV format
Microsoft Office and
Open Office Compatible

41,000+ Records

cities database

3,000+ Records

cities database

41,000+ Records

cities counties database
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